Our Services for Road Maintenance and construction are Helping Angora Construction's customers ensure Safer roads and more reliable journeys. We also work with Local Authorities to keep traffic moving in our towns and cities.

Our infrastructure services include tailor-made solutions for road management and maintenance. Our integrated approach means that we can handle everything from emergency repairs to unexpected snowfalls.

Our comprehensive highways maintenance service includes: planned and reactive maintenance, highway improvement schemes, winter maintenance, emergency response and horticulture management.

Our combination of highways management, maintenance and consulting expertise means we can work as a client’s strategic partner, bringing complementary design capability and intelligent transport systems to enhance the range of facilities management and business process outsourcing services we already offer. Teams work around the clock, every day of the year, providing winter maintenance, traffic control devices and signage, road maintenance, road sweeping and landscaping services.

Cost reduction, reliability and safety are attributes we value highly. We have a huge amount of knowledge and experience that can be used to help our clients deliver their commitments in these areas.

By operating across many markets, often in partnership, we are exposed to varied demands, motorists and expectations. We use this to help our clients drive efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs to meet the government’s savings targets.

We Deliver;

  • Planned and reactive maintenance: from emptying gullies and repairing potholes to resurfacing roads in summer and clearing snow and ice in winter. We respond to incidents quickly to make efficient, effective repairs or replacements
  • Planning and building of new works: expanding infrastructure in line with strategic plans to meet the needs of new homes and growing communities, including design, project management and construction
  • Asset management: strategic advice that maximises value and performance and reduces cost of ownership