Local Government

Angora Construction delivers essential services that supports the transformation public services into continuos improvement. Our approach delivers value for money and works within the tighter budgetary constraints that exist today

We have many years of experience in doing everything from creating parks to improving streets and town centres.

Local Authorities can be confident that Angora Construction understands how to work in alliances and wider partnerships to create end-to-end processes that provide maximum benefits.

We have a unique breadth of experience that gives us a deep understanding of lifecycle management, the science of managing risk, and the delivery of large complex projects and contracts.

We take on the risks associated with committing to deliver outcomes that are critical to customers, and we make those outcomes happen. Managing risk and cost go hand-in-hand and we take responsibility for both.

Our technical teams have a range of soft skills for supporting people and managing change. Transforming delivery is both an intellectual challenge and a human one. We achieve better outcomes by changing the way people behave; this is our single most valuable contribution in helping our customers achieve their goals.

The benefits that Local Authorities can gain from working with Angora Construction are:

  • The potential for significantly lower costs, which we take responsibility for delivering.
  • Robust, consistently delivered, service standards that support the Local Authority's strategic objectives.
  • A tangible contribution to environmental sustainability and thriving communities.

We like to make great areas that the people can people can enjoy. Having nicer streets and parks helps to make people’s lives better, encourages the economy and discourages anti-social behaviour.

We always plan our work carefully to minimise the impact on the local community. And we keep cities moving, by developing and implementing traffic management plans – many in London’s commercial and tourist centres.

We believe in the power of close co-operation. By working closely with you we can align our services to your needs. Our consultative approach helps us find smart solutions to your challenges, while meshing project outcomes with your wider goals – such as environmental and social targets. For example, we seek innovative techniques to turn waste into useful materials – or energy.