At Angora Construction, our goal is to bring the best of our knowledge and people to our clients and provide every possible service a retail property owner requires to maximize the value of their assets. Whether it is management, leasing, development, financial or any other areas of retail real estate expertise, we strive to be the best. We want to do things right and do the right thing every day.

Angora Construction has been the creation and enhancement of value for retail properties. Let us bring that passion and enthusiasm to your property.

Angora Construction has developed a team of professionals who are guided by one overriding goal: how can we create the greatest value for our clients in everything we do? With expertise in every aspect of retail investment, ownership, and development, we can help our clients reach this goal.

We have earned our reputation by delivering excellent service and success in tenant representation and project leasing.

With longstanding relationships developed over many years, we have been proven successful in delivering unsurpassed local market knowledge with a regional perspective. Our approach is service oriented and our commitment to our clients' success is unequivocal. We work with Market leader companies all the way through.

Our service helps landlord clients to preserve current income streams and generate new income. Clients benefit from a hands-on approach which is particularly appropriate in the current economic climate.

Retail developers are increasingly focused on providing communities with shopping environments that are specifically designed to create a memorable experience in addition to being convenient and practical. With our comprehensive understanding of the technical issues surrounding land development and our expertise in market research, we at Angora Construction is the ideal partner for any retail construction or revitalization project.

As a landlord you may be looking for help in the following areas:

  • coordinating the supply chain for your asset (lawyers, leasing agents, raters, lease advisors etc)
  • managing rent collection, service charge management and tenant liaison
  • procuring and managing services directly for the asset
  • leasing services, tenant covenant advice
  • development, refurbishment repair and maintenance

Angora Construction provides you with an end to end service including:

  • supply chain coordination
  • rent collection, service charge and tenant liaison
  • procurement and management
  • leasing and tenant covenant advice
  • development, refurbishment repair and maintenance